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Soldiers walking towards ambulance

Diagnostic Radiographic Imaging for the Military

MinXray has a long history of providing exceptional portable digital radiographic systems to our military personnel. Provide an added layer of medical support for all branches of service by bringing x-ray capabilities everywhere duty calls. MinXray x-ray and complete digital imaging systems offer proven superior diagnostic capabilities to injured troops for improved patient care – anytime, anywhere.

Recommended Products

Features & Benefits


Battery Powered Digital Radiography

Maintain full imaging capabilities regardless of your location and available power


Compact Single-case Transport

Combat-ready construction from lightweight and durable materials


Superior Image Quality

Clear and rapid imaging capabilities providing easily transmittable images from onsite locations to diagnostic centers – anytime, anywhere


Simple to Operate

Proven to be highly effective in the field, our x-ray systems are easily deployed anywhere medical attention is required


Diagnostic Radiographic Imaging for Military Service Animals

MinXray offers a complete line of x-ray generators and digital radiography systems designed specifically for our military service animals with special attention to detail and the security measures required by our armed forces.

Recommended Products

Features & Benefits


Battery Powered Digital Radiography

Easy transport to the patient for stress-free digital radiography--anytime, anywhere regardless of available power


Best Equipment and Service

For over 50 years, MinXray has provided x-ray imaging systems that are constructed for demanding conditions and backed by a team of committed professionals and industry experts

Vet carrying x-ray generator

Ultra-light for Ultimate Portability

Easy to operate and transport between sites

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