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Complete Small Animal Digital Radiography System


The SA100AP.DR includes the HF100AP X-ray unit with Anatomical Programming, 17 x 17 digital detector, desktop computer and the XRT100+ X-ray table, XRT90 compact table or XRT400 4-way float table. With anatomical programming, there is no need to configure a technique chart. Simply make a few selections on the x-ray unit face regarding species, region of interest, positioning and size and the unit calculates the required technique.


Designed for companion animal practices, the SA100AP.DR complete digital radiography system provides superior diagnostic quality images in seconds. Utilizing only 10 square feet of floor space (with the XRT100 x-ray table), the system incorporates modular construction for ease of installation and service.

HF100AP x-ray unit with anatomical programming

17 x 17 in Csl flat panel digital (DR) detector

MinXray DXR imaging software complete with image enhancement tools

Desktop computer and flat screen monitor

XRT100+ Table with cassette tray, 23 x 54 in (requiring just 10 square feet of floor space)

Optional XRT90 Table 23 x 40 in (requiring just 9 square feet of floor space)

Upgrade to XRT400 4-way Float Top Table 28 x 59 in (requiring 38 x 84 inches of floor space)

Optional 12" side extensions available

No special electrical requirements, does not require 220 V


HF100AP X-Ray Unit with Anatomical Programming

X-Ray Output:

30-60 kVDC @ 40 mA (0.3-4.0 mAs), 32 mA (4.3-64.8 mAs)
62-70 kVDC @ 40 mA (0.3-3.5 mAs), 28 mA (3.8-56.7 mAs)
72-80 kVDC @ 40 mA (0.3-3.0 mAs), 24 mA (3.2-48.6 mAs)
82-100 kVDC @ 40 mA (0.3-2.5 mAs), 20 mA (2.7-40.5 mAs)

AC Input: 120 or 230 V; 50/60 Hz

Timer: 0.01-2.0 sec

Focal Spot: 1.2 mm

Weight: 35.71 lb (16 kg)

DR Interface: RJ45 connector

Exposure Switch: FS-HF footswitch

17 x 17 Cesium Digital Detector

Scintillator: Csl: TI (direct vapor deposition)

Pixel Pitch: 143-154 µm

Pixels: 7.9-9.2 million pixels

Image Size: 16.9 x 17.3 in (43 x 43.9 cm)

A/D: 14 bit

Preview Image Access Time: Approx. 4 sec after x-ray exposure

Voltage: 100-240V (50/60 Hz)

Operating Environment: 50-95°F (10-35°C), 30-85% RH (non-condensing)

Size: 19.7 x 19.4 x 1.7 in (512 x 495 x 43 mm)

Weight: 19.8 lb (9 kg)

XRT100.DR Compact X-Ray Table

Size: 23 x 54 in (58.4 x 137.2 cm)

          • Optional 12" side extensions available

Table Height: 30 in (76.2 cm)

Weight: 121 lb (55 kg)

XRT400 4-Way Float Table

Top Dimensions: 28 x 59 in (72 cm x 150 cm)

Table Height: 30.7 in (78 cm)

Source to Image Distance (SID): Variable – depending on x-ray unit

Compatibility: Compatible with all MinXray x-ray generators.

Required Floor Space: 84 x 38 in (213 cm x 97 cm)

XRT90 Compact X-Ray Table

Size: 23 x 40 in (59 x 101 cm)

Height: 30 in (76.2 cm)

Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)


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