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Vet holding dog and looking at an x-ray

Superior Diagnostic Imaging Capabilities for Your Veterinary Practice

MinXray offers x-ray generators or complete digital radiography systems designed specifically for equine/large animal, companion, exotic or mixed animal practices. MinXray’s line of digital products have been refined to seamlessly mesh with our x-ray generators, providing complete digital imaging systems from a SINGLE PROVIDER, effectively eliminating any confusion regarding service after the sale. 

Recommended Veterinary Products


Features & Benefits


Best Equipment and Service

For over 50 years, MinXray has provided x-ray imaging systems that are constructed for demanding conditions and backed by a team of committed professionals and industry experts

Vet carrying x-ray generator

Easy to Use and Transport

Recognized internationally as a trusted source for providing innovative imaging solutions that are durable, lightweight and portable

Dog chest x-ray

Superior Image Quality

Our clear and rapid imaging is guaranteed to make every diagnosis fast and easy

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