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MinXray Provides Digital Radiography for Home Healthcare and Mobile Clinics

Portable x-ray from MinXray brings diagnostic imaging capabilities to the patient. Instead of bringing the patient into a hospital setting, on-site imaging at the patient’s location is possible. Obtain high-quality radiographic images in a comfortable and familiar environment or on-site at a pop-up clinic. Medical personnel can then transmit the acquired digital images anywhere in the world for diagnosis.

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Features & Benefits

X-ray generator with batteries

Battery Powered Digital Radiography

Maintain full imaging capabilities regardless of your location and available power

X-ray of human spine and skull

Superior Image Quality

Clear and rapid imaging capabilities providing easily transmittable images from onsite locations to diagnostic centers – anytime, anywhere

MinXray products

Customizable for your Specific Imaging Requirements

A full line of accessories makes your job safer and easier

Athlete getting an x-ray of his leg

Ultra-light for Ultimate Portability

Easy to operate and transport between sites

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