Patient being put into an ambulance

Customized Digital Radiography for Emergency Response and Flight for Life

Imagine having X-ray capabilities available when needed, regardless of location or available power. Insights gained from imaging patients before they arrive at a medical facility will save time and better prepare doctors receiving those incoming patients. MinXray’s battery-powered system provides superior diagnostic imaging capabilities for use by emergency medical responders in remote locations, in the field at trauma scenes, or in transport to a medical facility.

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Features & Benefits

Battery Powered Digital Radiography

Maintain full imaging capabilities regardless of your location

Certified to Meet FDA Requirements for Full Body Imaging

The only compact, battery-powered X-ray unit certified to meet FDA requirements for full body imaging

Superior Image Quality

Clear and rapid imaging capabilities providing easily transmittable images from onsite locations to diagnostic centers – anytime, anywhere

Provide Disaster Relief

Proven to be highly effective in the field, our x-ray systems are easily deployed anywhere medical attention is required

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