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X-Ranger Wireless

Complete Battery-Powered Portable Digital Radiography System


Ultra-durable and entirely battery-powered, the X-Ranger provides superior imaging even under the most demanding field conditions. Designed for Level 1 care, the X-Ranger is a complete portable digital radiography system that combines the powerful TR90BH x-ray generator with a wireless CsI x-ray flat panel detector and ruggedized laptop or tablet all in a compact, military-grade transport case.


Features of the X-Ranger include:

TR90BH battery-powered x-ray generator

14″ x 17″ wireless cesium digital detector in carbon-fiber housing

Ruggedized tablet or laptop loaded with DICOM 3.0 compliant imaging software

Custom case options available

Total Weight In Mil-Spec Transport Case: 99 lb (45kg)


MinXray TR90BH

X-Ray Output: 20 - 10 mA @ 40 - 90 kVDC

External Dimensions: 8.6" x 7.4" x 12.6" (21.8 x 18.9 x 32.1 cm)

Weight: 16.3 lb. (7.4 kg)

Power: 60 VDC rechargeable lithium ion battery

14 x 17 Digital Detector Specifications

Scintillator: Direct Deposit Cesium Iodide (Csl)

Exposure Control: Automatic Exposure Detection

Pixels: 6.5 - 7.3 million

Image Size: 14 x 17 in (35 x 43cm)

A/D Conversion: 16 bit

Output Data: 16 bit

Preview Image Access Time: 4-6 seconds

Power (Voltage/Frequency):  AC 100-240 V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (Sensor Unit): 384 x 460 x 15 mm

Weight (Sensor Unit): 7 - 8.2 lbs

Housing Material: Carbon Fiber Front - High Strength Aluminum Alloy Back


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