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High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit

HF100H+ with optional XGS MKIV LW stand

The HF100H+ portable x-ray unit defines the industry standard for superior image quality, portability and ease of use in any scenario. Easily programmed for storage of five different exposure techniques, the HF100H+ delivers state-of-the-art imaging and dependable performance in any setting. Compatible with all film and digital capture systems.


With a full-wave rectified high frequency inverter, the HF100H+ is MinXray’s most cost-effective portable x-ray unit for medical imaging. The key feature for the HF100H+ is the output is independent of line voltage variations due to built-in line compensation. During circumstances where line power is low, you can be assured the x-ray will be captured and retain superior image quality.

CPU control of x-ray tube

5 memory stations for storing x-ray exposure techniques

Automatic, dynamic line compensation

Compact, lightweight at 96.5 lbs. (44kg.) with the XGS MKIV LW portable stand

Seamless integration with DR system is available



Construction: Monobloc HF generator, full bridge inverter

Output: 30 mA @ 40-60 kVDC,
               25 mA @ 62-80 kVDC,
               20 mA @ 82-100 kVDC

kVDC Steps: 2KV intervals

mAs: 0.6 - 120

Timer: Ultra High Resolution 0.03-4.0 sec, 0.01 increments

X-Ray Tube: Toshiba D-124S

Focal Spot: 1.2 mm

Anode Heat Storage: 20 kHU

Total Filtration Incl. Collimator: 3.8 mm AI equivalent 

Inverter Frequency: 60 kHz High Frequency

Line Voltage: AC Single Phase 100 - 140 V; 50/60 Hz

Fuse Rating: 30 amp @ 125 kV

Electrical Consumption: 20 amp @ 125 kV

Maximum Consumption: 2.0 kW @ 100 kVDC, 20 mA

Tubehead Dimensions: 11.5" x 9.1" x 17.7" (29.2 x 23 x 45 cm)

Tubehead Weight: 44.5 lb. (20.2 kg)

System Weight (HF100H+/XGS MKIV LW Stand): 86.5 lb (39.2 kg)

Collimator: Continuously adjustable light beam type with central x-ray indicator

Power Cord: 20 ft. (6.1 m)

Exposure Switch: Two-stage, deadman with RJ11 connector

Exposure Cord: 12 ft. (3.66 m)

Compatibility: All film and digital capture systems


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