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MinXray Launches Robust New Website to Better Serve Customers

Highlights of Site Include E-Commerce Functionality and iCloud Hosting of Customer DR Images

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (January 28, 2021) — MinXray Inc., a key global supplier of portable, compact digital imaging equipment, announces the launch of its new website dedicated to digital radiography solutions. The website - – now offers much more robust content to serve its customers, enhanced navigation for ease-of-use and the debut of the company’s growing e-commerce offerings and image hosting.

MinXray offers customized digital radiography systems to fit the needs of a variety of markets, including medical, veterinary, military, global health initiatives, sports and athletic training, mobile imaging providers, emergency medical services, travel/cruise, outdoors/ski and petroleum industries. The lightweight portability of MinXray’s digital X-ray systems allow for fast and critical assessment of disease and injury both in a clinic setting and in remote locations around the globe. The systems offer the flexibility of a completely battery-powered system or one requiring only a standard 120V electrical outlet. For global applications, 220V systems are also available.

Visitors to the site will find it simple to locate product information, technical support, warranty registration and access to DICOM storage.

“One truly differentiating feature of the new site is our hosting capabilities. We can now offer customers our MinXCloud DICOM image archive and distribution system. It’s a web-based PACS system with scaled functionality flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any practice - from a simple back-up archive to a fully functional reporting and distribution platform that provides access to your images, anytime, anywhere and on any device,” said Jeanne Walter, vice president, marketing and sales at MinXray.


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