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MinXray Delivers Portable X-Ray Systems to National Tuberculosis Hospital, Nepal

Northbrook, IL February 19, 2015 – MinXray continues to be a key global supplier of portable, compact digital imaging equipment with their recent delivery of two CMDR-2S portable radiographic systems to the National Tuberculosis Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Nepal delivery will be used on-site at the hospital as well as deployed country-wide as part of ongoing efforts to control tuberculosis in that country. As part of the company¹s commitment to providing superior customer service, MinXray’s senior applications specialist, Michael Cairnie, spent three days on the ground in Nepal training end-users on the equipment to ensure full functionality and effective use of the equipment.

“This delivery supports our role as a trusted provider of equipment that furthers worldwide efforts to control and treat tuberculosis,” said Joel Koplos, international sales coordinator at MinXray. “We look forward to working with global health organizations to deliver equipment that will continue to combat this disease.”


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