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MinXray Delivers 11 Portable X-Ray Units to Mongolia’s National TB Program

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (June 17, 2022) — MinXray Inc., a key global supplier of portable, compact digital imaging equipment for global health initiatives, recently delivered 11 MinXray CMDR.T.120.60.S Portable Digital Radiography Systems to the Mongolian National Tuberculosis (TB) Program. Previously, MinXray delivered 14 initial systems to help the country build and strengthen its inventory of this very effective TB screening tool.

MinXray delivered its first portable digital radiographic system unit to the Mongolian National TB Program in April 2017 – with ensuing deliveries of three systems (November 2017), 10 systems (October 2018) and this latest 11-system delivery.

“MinXray’s repeat trips to install additional digital radiography systems and support the existing install base in Mongolia are an excellent testimonial to the efficacy of digital radiography with superior image resolution as a screening tool for TB,” said Mike Cairnie, director of global and military sales for MinXray.

The delivered MinXray CMDR systems – with the HF120/60 PowerPlus™ High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit - offer superior image resolution for diagnostic imaging. This portable digital radiography system includes a digital detector (DR) and laptop mounted on a two-wheel, stainless steel stand, providing easy and convenient transport of the entire system. The digital detector slips out of its onboard protective enclosure for use. When seconds matter most, the portable imaging equipment fully sets up in less than one minute.

The company has supplied portable digital radiography systems to programs around the globe that are focused on the treatment and prevention of TB. The December 2020 delivery to the Mongolian National TB Program of MinXray’s CMDR.T.120.60.SUnits, designed to be light-weight and compact, are being used in multiple locations within Mongolia.

“MinXray’s very dependable, portable and rugged X-ray and complete digital radiography systems have been adopted by many specialized healthcare organizations around the globe for use in the most challenging and remote terrains and conditions,” said Cairnie.

MinXray continues to be a key supplier of deployable and battlefield portable diagnostic radiography systems to the Global Market and U.S. government. The company’s deep experience with field imaging and its commercial focus to continue developing unique digital imaging solutions make MinXray an increasingly important supplier to TB control and reduction efforts, COVID response and global health initiatives worldwide.

MinXray offers customized digital radiography systems to fit the needs of a variety of markets, including medical, military, global health, sports and athletic training, mobile imaging providers, emergency medical services, travel/cruise, outdoors/ski and petroleum industries. The lightweight portability of MinXray’s digital X-ray systems allow for fast and critical assessment of disease and injury both in a clinic setting and in remote locations around the globe. The systems offer the flexibility of a completely battery-powered system or one requiring only a standard electrical outlet.


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