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Emergency Preparedness for Emergency Responders & Radiology Hospital Staff

Tips for Creating In-hospital and In-field Plans for Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) often occur without warning and affect large segments of the population. Any MCI can have a significant impact on the incident area’s medical facilities, emergency response personnel, equipment and capabilities, and the ability to provide quality patient care to victims. Having an MCI plan and the appropriate technology in place prior to a disaster will ensure better response and care during any mass casualty incident.

Community leaders, emergency responders and the appropriate hospital departmental representatives should be actively involved in the development of any MCI preparedness plan and pre-incident simulations. The inclusion of portable radiographic imaging capabilities in an MCI plan will increase triage accuracy, aid in the identification of injuries and proper assignment of appropriate resources. Prompt imaging when indicated during triage and patient assessment can minimize delays in patient care and expedite accurate diagnosis.

The benefits of digital radiography address the five key aspects of providing healthcare during a disaster response:

MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCESPortable digital radiography (DR) systems accelerate emergency imaging and provide additional information regarding patient injuries during triage. MinXray’s portable digital radiography systems are designed for imaging patients at any location where it is more convenient or more efficient to bring the imaging system to the patient rather than transport the patient to an imaging center. Portable digital radiography systems can assist onsite medical personnel by generating high-quality images that can be used to help determine the extent of an injury. Screening images acquired onsite can also reduce the congestion of patients in the radiology departments of receiving hospitals.

MinXray’s CMDR system is an AC powered complete portable digital radiography system that is easily moved and positioned on its large-wheeled stainless steel transport stand, sets up in under a minute and can acquire superior quality images in less than 10 seconds. The CMDR system is widely used by the military, mobile imaging providers and as an aid in global health initiatives.

MANAGING PHYSICAL RESOURCESBattery-powered systems enhance imaging capabilities during power outages or in remote locations. If a hospital’s emergency power system ever fails or is compromised due to a natural disaster, emergency responders and hospital personnel can still bring superior diagnostic imaging capabilities directly to injured patients, regardless of available power. MinXray’s Impact system is a compact, battery-powered complete digital imaging system that can acquire, and immediately transmit, digital radiographic images of superior quality to a waiting radiologist in seconds.

MANAGING PATIENT TRANSFERSDR systems bring x-ray imaging capabilities directly to patients. MinXray’s digital radiography systems are the perfect portable imaging solution for on-site emergency responders working in the field at trauma scenes, or during transport to a medical facility. MinXray’s portable x-ray systems can be used to acquire x-ray images of chests, abdomens, spines, and extremities. Insights gained from imaging patients before they arrive at a medical facility saves time and helps better prepare medical teams receiving those incoming patients.

ORGANIZATIONAL & MEDICAL COORDINATION DR systems help manage information and communication. All MinXray DR Systems produce DICOM compliant images and have the capability of interfacing with any established PACS system. If desired, MinXray also offers our MinXCloud DICOM image archive and distribution system - a web-based PACS system with scaled functionality flexible enough to meet the needs of radiology departments during natural disasters and other times of crisis. From a simple back-up archive to a fully functional reporting and distribution platform, MinXray’s MinXCloud provides access to your images anytime, anywhere and on any device.

PREPARATION & TRAININGMinXray provides the guidance needed to effectively implement digital radiography into MCIs. Our expert staff can help select the right diagnostic imaging equipment for optimal performance and efficiency while providing superior quality images during time-sensitive situations.


The combination of superior image quality, lightweight portability, and over a half-century of industry expertise makes MinXray’s the perfect partner for emergency responders and hospital personnel interested in creating an in-hospital and in-field MCI plan for mass casualty events. If you would like to start that conversation today, click here.


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