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AI Software Included on Portable Digital Radiography Systems from MinXray

CMDR Series and Impact System Now Available with qXR by

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (November 4, 2021) — MinXray continues to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of its digital radiography systems with the addition of qXR Automated Chest X-ray AI Solution from The new AI software can detect and localize 30 chest x-ray abnormalities including TB and changes indicative of COVID-19 infections.

Available on the CMDR Series portable digital radiography systems, and the Impact battery-powered portable digital radiography system, the qXR module is loaded directly on the system laptop, with no additional hardware required. X-ray exposure to AI report interpretation occurs in less than 60 seconds. Both systems also includes qTrack from, an end-to-end disease management tool that specializes in respiratory disease such and COVID-19 and TB.

qXR is being used worldwide for TB screenings,” said Mike Cairnie, MinXray’s Director of Global Sales. “We see that automated chest x-ray reads has become a valuable diagnostic tool; helping more doctors fast-track confirmation of TB in patients. With the prevalence of TB and a lack of physicians needed to interpret chest x-rays in a timely manner, AI increases the capacity for faster and earlier detection.”

As a chest X-ray screening tool, qXR can detect signs of pulmonary, hilar, and pleural tuberculosis. The artificial intelligence algorithm for qXR is trained to detect not only classic primary pulmonary TB, but also atypical manifestations. It can be used to also screen for COPD, lung malignancies in high-risk populations, and certain cardiac disorders.

MinXray’s Impact with qXR AI Solution offers a complete battery-powered digital radiography system in a single, portable package. This compact system includes MinXray’s TR90BH battery-powered x-ray generator, wireless CsI Flat Panel DR Detector, laptop with MinXView DICOM 3.0 compliant image acquisition software with qXR from The system is easily transported even in the most remote locations with total system setup in less than one minute.


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