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Complete Portable Digital Radiography System with Wireless Flat Panel Detector


Portability is crucial for military personnel, especially for the medical needs of our servicemen and women. The CMDR-2S-TW-MIL, a complete digital radiography system, offers superior image resolution for diagnostic imaging. This portable digital radiography system includes a wireless digital detector (DR) with a tether mode option and laptop mounted on a two-wheel, stainless steel stand, providing easy and convenient transport of the entire system. The hybrid wireless or tethered digital detector slips out of its onboard protective enclosure for use. The CMDR-2S-TW-MIL system is your complete, portable radiography solution wherever duty calls.


The CMDR-2S-TW-MIL is a complete portable digital radiography system featuring a Cesium digital detector integrated with a MinXray HF120/60H PowerPlus™ portable x-ray unit. The system easily moves on its two-wheel stand. The panel slips out of its protective sleeve and the system sets up in less than one minute.

Rugged construction yet light and compact

Easily transportable between sites

Set up in less than 1 minute

Image acquisition in less than 10 seconds

Superior resolution

Comes packaged with a HF100HSTC Military Transport Case

System Net Weight: Approximately 160 lb (73 kg)


MinXray HF120/60H PowerPlus™

X-Ray Output: 60-14 mA @ 40-120 kVDC, 0.6-212 mAs

Input Line Voltage: 100-260 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Total Filtration with Collimator: 3.2 mm AI Equivalent

Collimator: Collimare CPL-125-MX01-C LED

14x17 Hybrid Digital Detector Operates in Tether or Wireless Mode

Receptor Type: Csl TI (direct vapor deposition) + reflective coating

Pixel Pitch: 143µm

Pixel Matrix: 2984 x 2448 (approx. 7.3 million pixels)

Limiting Resolution: 3.7 lp/mm

Cycle Time: 4 sec preview image, 6 sec erase and ready

Data Output: Gigabit Ethernet

Environmental: High-shock tolerance and water resistant

Temperature Range: Operating: 10° C to 35° C (max) | Storage: -20° C to +70° C

Humidity: Operating & Storage: 10 to 90%.

Pressure: Operating: 70-106 kPa; | Storage: 50-106 kPa

Weight: 6.6 lb (3 kg)


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