About Us

Since 1967, MinXray, Inc. has been dedicated to providing compact, portable x-ray imaging equipment. Innovation, portability, durability and superior image quality define the foundation upon which MinXray stands. Our knowledge and expertise guarantees the very best x-ray equipment, custom designed for your specific needs.

MinXray portable x-ray and digital imaging systems are internationally recognized as the gold standard across a range of healthcare applications, including: nursing home and home health care imaging, small and large animal veterinary, military field operations, as well as other digital imaging applications. Used extensively in remote locations, global health, disaster response, and forensics, MinXray’s imaging systems are ideal where larger units would be impractical or too costly to use.

As technology has evolved over the decades, MinXray has grown along with it, creating cutting edge solutions allowing our clients to transcend the barriers that larger x-ray imaging units never could before. MinXray’s compact portable digital x-ray imaging systems give you the best quality diagnostic images. Our full-wave rectified, high frequency electronic platforms offer the highest power-to-weight ratios available today. The imaging marketplace has long depended on MinXray to deliver systems designed to meet specific needs.

Mobile X Ray Machine Radiograph

Superior Quality Imaging

Quality should never be sacrificed because of unconventional settings. Creating innovative solutions while maintaining the superior digital imaging standards has been both our passion and our legacy. We don’t make our units for the recognition—we make them for those who need them most: you and your patients.

Mobile X Ray Machines for Remote Healthcare for Medical Imaging

Total Portability

Responding to any and every scenario, not just those that can be treated in an office, is crucial to real treatment solutions. That means portability. We build systems for our clients that are lightweight, portable, easy to setup, even easier to use, and extremely durable so that no matter where you care, we’re right there with you.

Mobile X Ray Machines for Remote Healthcare

Expert Knowledge

With more than 50 years of creating real-world solutions in mobile x-ray imaging systems, the experts at MinXray have built and developed innovations that helped define an industry.