Power isn’t always available when working in ambulatory practice. With the TR90B Tough Ray Battery Powered X-ray unit, you will have imaging capabilities regardless of the location. As the latest introduction of the Tough Ray series, the TR90B is durable and powerful, offering superior image resolution for diagnostic analysis. The TR90B is easy to use and quickly programmable for storage of up to 5 exposure techniques. Light weight and ultra-durable with a long-lasting battery life, the TR90B is your ultimate solution to working in the field.

High output, low weight and hundreds of exposures from a single battery charge, packaged in one of MinXray’s most durable designs — the TR90B Tough Ray Battery Powered portable x-ray unit. Compact but powerful, field tested and field ready.

Features of the TR90B include:

  • Long lasting, quick change lithium ion battery
  • Unique High Power Mode — up to 50% increase in output at 82-90 kVDC settings
  • Ideal output and features for use with digital or film imaging systems
  • Backed by industry leading warranty
ELECTRONIC DESIGNComputer controlled, high frequency converter
X-RAY OUTPUT20 mA@40-60 kVDC, 15 mA@62-80 kVDC, 10 mA @82-90 kVDC, +15mA@82-90 kVDC in High Power Mode
INPUT POWERRechargeable lithium ion battery
TIMER0.01-1.00 (+0.01-.30) 0.01 sec steps
INTERNAL POWER SUPPLYPulse Frequency Modulation High Frequency Inverter System
X-RAY TUBEToshiba D-0814
COLLIMATORMikasa Model R-300V, continuously adjustable light beam type with adjustable dual integrated laser pointers to indicate central ray and distance in bright ambient light conditions
LP4 LASER POINTERSClass Illa; laser diode; max. output less than 3.0 mW, wavelength 635 mm
EXPOSURE SWITCHTwo stage deadman type with RJ11 connector
EXPOSURE CORD8 ft (2.4 m)
SIZE7.48 x 6.89 x 9.84 in (18.0 x 17.5 x 25.0 cm)
WEIGHT15.0 lb (6.8 kg)
DR INTERFACERJ45 connector
BATTERY CHARGER85-264V (AC, 50 Hz/60Hz)
BATTERY CHARGE METHODConstant Current: 2000 mA +/- 10%, Constant Voltage: 16.8V +/- 200mV

For more information, download the TR90B sales sheet.


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