Mobile Veterinary Radiography Equipment for Equine Practices


Having worked with veterinary experts for decades, MinXray offers portable digital radiography equipment for all equine/large animal, companion, exotic and mixed animal practices. Our systems include solutions to everything from individual imaging equipment components to complete digital radiography systems. Recognized internationally as a trusted source for providing innovative, lightweight and portable imaging solutions. MinXray’s units are easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality. No matter what digital imaging challenges you face, wherever you need to be, our advanced x-ray systems are right there with you.

DR - Equine / Large Animal
X-ray - Equine / Large Animal
  • Mobile X Ray Equipment for Veterinary - Enduras Wireless
    Enduras Wireless
    Complete Battery Operated Portable Digital Radiography System
  • Mobile X Ray ; Veterinary Digital Radiography ; X Ray Machine
    Complete Portable Digital Radiography System
  • vet-tr90b-1-580×440
    Battery Operated Portable X-ray Generator
  • vet-tr90-1-580×440
    Portable X-ray Generator
  • Mobile X Ray for Veterinary
    Portable X-ray Generator
  • Mobile X Ray Equipment for Veterinary
    Portable X-ray Generator
  • konica-minolta-1-580×440
    Konica Minolta CR
    CR Imaging System