Take your portable x-ray machine with you, wherever duty calls. The MXRSLW Large Wheel System gives you the flexibility to get the most out of your portable medical imaging system. With large (16″/40cm solid wheels that can handle almost any terrain, a mounting stand and a military spec. transport case, this upgrade system makes your x-ray equipment truly mobile.

The MXRSLW Military X-Ray Large Wheel system includes:

  • HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™ portable x-ray unit
  • XGSMKIVLW stand with 16″ (40cm.) wheels
  • HF100HSTC military specs transport case
  • The weight of the HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™ mounted to the XGS MKIV stand is 96.5 lb. (44 kg).
  • Shipping weight – 205 lb. (93 kg) complete system weight in case.

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