With decades of experience working in tough — even volatile — conditions, MinXray offers portable digital radiography equipment for all military medical practices. From individual imaging equipment components to complete digital radiography systems, we work with each and every client to custom design the perfect x-ray imaging system. An international standard trusted by military healthcare professionals worldwide, our portable medical imaging systems supply innovative and ruggedly reliable solutions. MinXray’s units are easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality. No matter what digital imaging challenges you face, wherever duty calls, our advanced military x-ray systems are right there to support you.

Military products are available direct from MinXray, or through DLA Troop Support Contract SPE2D1-17-D-0036.

  • mil-cmdr2s-mil-1-580×440
    CMDR2S - Military
    Complete Portable Digital Radiography System
  • vet-innovet-versa-1-580×440
    InnoVet® Versa MIL
    Complete Digital Radiography System
  • Mobile X Ray Equipment for Veterinary - Enduras Wireless
    Enduras Wireless Mil
    Complete Portable Digital Radiography System
  • mil-cmdr2s-mil-1-580×440
    Wireless Portable X-ray Generator
  • MinXray PowerPlus Mobile X Ray Unit
    HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™ – MIL
    Portable X-ray Generator
  • Mobile X Ray Case for Military
    Transport Cases HF100HSTC MIL
  • Casette Holder for Portable X Ray Machines
    Cassette Holder MCH-33B MIL