Custom & Global Health

Your patients are in the best hands. Shouldn’t you have the best equipment in yours?

We’re proud that MinXray’s extremely portable and rugged x-ray systems have been adopted by many specialized healthcare applications. MinXray’s mobile x-ray systems are the perfect digital imaging solution for your specialized needs, no matter how challenging they may be.

Portable X-ray Machine for Remote Healthcare

Global Healthcare

When you can’t bring the patient to the lab, you have to bring the lab to the patient. Providing healthcare services to remote locations requires on-site medical facilities. Everything from routine check-ups, work related injuries, and treatment of illness, are made possible with the help of MinXray’s unique portable x-ray imaging equipment. Working, diagnosing and treating patients in industries such as mining, oceanic and exotic remote location oil drilling operations, along with a variety of other unique applications, depend upon MinXray’s advanced healthcare diagnostic imaging technology.

Disaster Response Portable X-ray Units

Disaster Relief

MinXray has been providing disaster relief both at home and internationally whenever x-ray imaging is needed to assist in saving lives. Since our products are lightweight and durable, they are ideal tools in scenarios where people are sick or injured and desperately in need of aid. Proven to be highly effective in the field, these x-ray systems are easily deployed anywhere medical attention is required, offering quick diagnosis with some of the best quality imaging available thus far.



Medical examiners and coroners use MinXray’s portable imaging systems to aid in gathering evidence and other information that is otherwise difficult to obtain and examine without a digital x-ray system. MinXray’s outstanding quality and reliability, combined with excellent image quality, aids forensic investigators, helping them to compare and/or analyze unknown materials. Capable of examining evidence on location with minimal disruption, investigators are able to gather evidence from materials and structural components that cannot be removed or taken immediately to a lab.


Customized Applications

Are you in the market for x-ray imaging solutions not listed here? Don’t worry! MinXray specializes in building custom tailored digital x-ray equipment for any scenario. From remote mining camps to same day surgical centers, we will custom build your complete x-ray imaging solution. We work closely with each and every one of our clients to fully understand your needs, and then build a system that’s right for you. We haven’t encountered a challenge yet that we weren’t able to solve.