IMPACT Portable Sports Radiography System

Slide MinXray Teal Background Contact Us The Impact is 100% battery-powered and provides superior diagnostic imaging capabilities for modern sports medicine. A new hand-held, battery-powered digital imaging solution for your team

MinXray’s Impact is a complete battery-powered digital radiography system in one compact, portable package. Bring superior diagnostic imaging capabilities directly to your athletes for immediate results and expedited care.

  • 14″ x 17″ digital panel in carbon-fiber housing
  • TR90BH battery-powered X-ray unit – the only battery-powered, portable X-ray unit FDA certified for full-body imaging
  • Tablet or laptop complete with DICOM 3.0 compliant imaging software package
  • Rapid image acquisition with superior resolution
  • Rugged construction from lightweight and durable materials
  • Easy single-case transport between sites
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Remote Imaging from the Field or Sideline

Send Digital Images to Radiologists in Seconds

With hotspot access, medical staff can use the MinXray Impact to send x-ray imaging to off-site radiologists for their immediate review. Expediting access to these diagnostic resources not only ensures timely medical care, but can also help in getting sports medicine patients back into the field of play more efficiently than ever before.

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