BEST STORY  1994  (23 years old)

Dr. Kelli Gilson

Gilson Equine Veterinary Services

156 Fifth Line
Fraserville, Ont  K0L1V0


MinXray HF80 (Jan 1994)

Serial # 17029

About 10 years ago (or maybe longer?), I was working about 3 hours away from my home practice in a remote area. I was asked to attend to a laminitic horse to obtain foot radiographs. However, I had never met the clients, and clearly they misunderstood what type of facility was required to take good radiographs! We drove for at least half an hour on a dirt road into nowhere, in the dead of winter which would likely be about minus 20. The ‘facility’ was a snow-filled run-in shelter that was at least 300 feet away from the road. I initially wanted to abandon the plan, but in the interest of the horse’s welfare we decided to give it a try. Of course, there was no power…so we ran 600 feet of extension cords from a garage structure down the road. The extension cords crossed the road, went through the snow, and barely reached to the run-in. We dug a flat area into the frozen ground and off we went. Took a decent set of foot rads! Sometimes I cannot believe how reliable this x-ray machine is. I have been using the same machine since I started working in 2000, and when I went out on my own in 2007, I purchased it from my employer. This machine has been dropped, kicked, stepped on, in 2 car accidents, used in dusty barns, used in snow and mud, and just keeps on working. I feel like I’m ready to replace it, and it owes me nothing, but what a great machine it has been.